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The Technological College of Engineering was established by the Amal network in 2003.

The College trains technological reserves who have completed their high school studies both in the academic track and in the technological track.

At the end of the studies, the graduates will be trained as practical engineers and will join the army for a significant role in the forefront of technology.

As part of our educational and professional roles, we make every effort to adapt ourselves to the civilian and military industries.

You are welcome to take part in our success.


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Admission requirements for grades 13-14
According to the new eligibility law (see the Director General's Circular No. 4/4 (a)) (3.1-51, section 4 - diplomas in professional technological education), entitlement to a technological qualification certificate is at least 2.1, in the specialization in which the candidate wishes to continue His studies in the 13th grade include:

Score at least 55 subjects:
• Introduction to Science / Science and Technology for All - School Assessment (90 h)
• 3 units in a leading profession
• 3 units in the specialization field
matriculation certificate (in special tracks), which includes a grade of at least 55 in the following subjects:
• 3 Mathematics units
• 3 English units
• Hebrew / Arabic, internal assessment of 90 hours or 1 units
In a number of directions, additional unique admission requirements will be added, in accordance with the decision of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education, which will be published in circulars sent by us to the technological colleges.

Link to the file Table of trends in high school as a prerequisite for admission to the specialization in the 'Big'
Exceptional committee regarding conditions for admission to studies and prescription of studies
A college director who wishes to submit an exceptional application regarding the conditions of admission to study and prescription of studies will contact the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education for an exceptional approval, together with all the relevant documents.
Registration stages
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